Don’t you love the crisp scent of a new car? Most people do… but did you know that car dealers love it more than you?

You may be thinking, “Of course they do. They want you to stop at the dealership, test drive a new car, and fall in love with the car (and the smell).” But have you ever wondered what it is about that exact scent that puts you in the mood to buy the car?

We all know that the smell doesn’t last. We all know that someday, our new car will smell like our old car… but we fall for it anyway.

A few weeks ago, my wife and I stopped by a dealership where a friend works. While we were there, we drove a car. During that test drive, I learned something about the new car smell sell.

The dirty little secret is that when you enjoy the smell of a new car, you are basically just sniffing glue. Studies have found that ethyl benzene, xylene, formaldehyde and toluene (which are used in various paints and adhesives) are part of what makes up the “new car smell.”

When you take a test drive with a dealer, you are basically just riding around the block with a “dealer” giving you a sniff of the good stuff so that you will want to take it home with you.

By the way, we fell for it.

We didn’t buy a car that day, or even from my friend. We bought a different car from a different dealership. We took a test drive, sniffed the glue, and for the first time since 1999, we bought a new car. (By the way, we love our new Honda Accord.)

So here’s a question for you…

What are you sniffing?

What is it that makes you want something so bad that you will develop a plan, take action, measure results, and GO FOR IT? If you could smell your Vision or your Life Plan, would it have the “new car smell?” Do you get high off your Vision?

If not, you may need to re-write it. Although the literal smell of a new car can really be harmful, spicing up your vision can create a non-drug-induced high that is both legal and compelling!