My first blog post for Irrefutable Success was on Wednesday, March 3rd of this year. Since then, I have had the pleasure of hearing from many of you.

In the last ten months you have educated me with your thoughts and perspective, challenged me by asking insightful questions, and encouraged me when a post inspired or helped you your life and business.

I want to thank you for your kind words. In response, I now make these four promises to you:

1) I will try to post articles that continue to be of value to you in your life and business.

2) I will keep the posts short, as I know your time is valuable.

3) I will give a call to action at the end of each post when appropriate.

4) I will read and respond to every comment you make on the blog.

Over the past several days I have been reviewing my personal Core Four – my Life Plan, Business Vision, Business Plan, and Priority Management system. I would urge you to take time out and do the same.

I can’t think of a better call to action for you as we move into a new year.

I am now signing off for the year 2010. I look forward to joining you again on this journey to Irrefutable Success during the first week of 2011!