Studies indicate that the human brain produces, on average, 70,000 thoughts per day. Considering that there are 86,400 seconds in a day, a new thought is produced about every 1.2 seconds. Sometimes I believe it may be more than that.

Have you ever had your thoughts run together?

Ever walked into a room and forget why you were there? (Ok, so I’m 50… it happens.)

With many types of mind-altering drugs and mind control techniques on the market, there is good news. You can take control of your mind by following 3 simple disciplines.

1) Be proactive about what you put into your mind.

Your mind is like the rest of your body: “garbage in, garbage out.” It might be better to say “great in, great out” rather than focusing on garbage. Plant the seed of greatness in your mind, and whatever is planted will certainly grow.

There is absolutely no excuse for not filling your mind with GREAT thoughts!

Blogs can be great resources. Here are some of my favorites: (any of the blogs found on this page)

Do you have a favorite blog that you follow? Share in the comments below.

2) Focus on YOUR Vision

Life can be tough, the road can be bumpy, and distractions abound. It’s easy to get off track if you aren’t focused on where you are going. Many automobile accidents have occurred because the driver took his eyes off the road.

Read your Life Plan weekly.

Don’t have a Life Plan?  Watch This

If you are in business, read your Business Vision weekly.

Don’t have a Business Vision?  Listen to This

3) Give

Something good happens inside your mind when you give. Have you ever heard that it is more blessed to give than to receive? This discipline may be OTHERS-focused, but the real winner is you! When your mind is focused on giving, there is less room in there for distractions.

In my employment, I always want to give more than I take, and add more value than my compensation. When this is my focus, work is not work – it’s more like play. My mind is not focused other things – it’s focused on the task at hand.

While you can’t control every thought that enters your mind, by following these three disciplines, you can be free to choose where your mind takes those thoughts…tossing them out, or building upon them.

You have more control over your mind than anyone else on earth. Exert the control you have today. Your mind will reward you for it!