There are 10 stoplights between my home and where I work. On most days, they don’t pose much of a problem for my commute. Unfortunately, yesterday was not one of those days. After hitting the first two lights on red, I knew what was coming next. I hit every single red light–even speeding up between cycles trying to beat the next one. (Don’t judge me! I know you’ve tried it too.)

But once I realized that I was likely doomed to staring at red lights for the next several minutes, I decided to accept it and use that time to do some thinking. 

Some days are just red light days. 

And we need to find the silver lining in them.

Not all days will go according to plan. Not all days will be what we had envisioned them to be. There will always be unexpected challenges, failures and frustrations, but how we deal with those obstacles is where the real opportunity lies.

It’s easy to lead on a green light day when everything is smoothly cruising along, but it’s the red light day that requires a leader to step up and be at his or her absolute best. Finding the silver lining in the midst of stress and frustration is a key component to solving problems and knowing how to lead and encourage your team. 

The silver lining with my red light morning yesterday is that I found the time to write this blog post! I hope it will be helpful for someone. 

How will you face your next red light day? Maybe you’ll address a problem that needs fixing or uplift someone who is discouraged.

Look for the silver lining and use your red light time wisely–then it might just turn green!