Unfortunately, I had to part ways with an employee today. Had I truly measured him against our core values, I would have never hired this individual in the first place.

I have a session called Visions and Values with every employee that is hired at my restaurant. It encompasses my passions, convictions, goals, standards, and expectations.

As I was conducting this session with another team member, it struck me…

1. At the first interview, each potential candidate should receive a copy of our core values. Upon reading, they can decide if they want to proceed with the interview or not.

2. Our core values should be the litmus test. If someone doesn't quite fit the bill, then they should not be considered. Some people are easy to discern, while others are not so cut and dry.

Moving forward, I feel that funneling everyone through the "Core Values Filter," will go a long way towards keeping the wrong people out of my business.

My core values are:





Defining your core values will help you make your most important decisions- people decisions: hiring, firing, and promoting.