Every day you choose to live with an “F” word.

Allow me to take you into the ICU waiting room, which had recently become my second home for a period of three weeks. While in that waiting room, I saw one of two distinct expressions on the faces of every person:

“Fear” and “Faith.”

The “F” word they chose in their heart eventually worked its way out. What they were thinking manifested itself into words, and what they were saying manifested itself into action.

Everyone in that waiting room knew there were only two outcomes available for their loved one in ICU – to die in the hospital or to be released. Therefore, at least to some extent, everyone was in the same situation. Nobody chose their circumstance, but everyone chose their “F” word.

The people who focused on faith seemed to deal with the situation at hand much better than those with fear.

Fear drove people into rude conversations with doctors, nurses, and support staff.

Faith produced an attitude of thankfulness and words of gratitude and encouragement.

Fear brought out the worst in people.

Faith brought out the best.

In such a challenging situation, fear is a natural response, but faith is an intentional choice. Everyone can decide to have faith, but it’s a choice that must be made again daily… sometimes hourly.

Just as I was beginning to think I had this Fear vs. Faith thing figured out, I realized that it was even bigger than I had first thought.

Every doctor, nurse, and support person was also making the same choice. In addition to the pressures of their job, each one had other things going on in his or her life that impacted their interactions with each other and the people they were trying to help. It wasn’t just in the microcosm of the waiting room that choices between Fear and Faith were being made… it was everywhere.

Every single day, you have a choice between Fear and Faith. And every time you choose, it plays either a positive or negative role in your life.

Which “F” word are you choosing today?