David Freese grew up in St. Louis, one of America’s great baseball towns. I can only imagine how many times he may have dreamed of hitting a game-winning home run in the World Series for his hometown team, the St. Louis Cardinals.

On Thursday night, he did it!

…and you can live your dream too.

Everyone can move closer to living their dream by following 3 simple steps.

1) Know your dream… If you don’t have a Life Plan or a Vision for your business, there is no dream. To get what you want, you have to know what you want at a heart level.

2) Do more than dream… David Freese did more than dream. He worked at honing his baseball skills to the point that, during his high school senior year, he recorded a .533 batting average (which remains a school record) and was offered a scholarship to play baseball in college. Determine what you need to do to put yourself in position to live your dream, and then take action!

3) Assess and adjust… After his senior year in high school, David felt burnt out. He decided to quit baseball and enroll in school to study computer science. During the summer after his freshman year in college, he visited his high school and realized that he still had a passion for baseball. He returned to the game during his sophomore year in college and today plays for his hometown St. Louis Cardinals. David assessed his desire to play baseball, made the necessary adjustments, and went on to become a hometown hero.

On Thursday night, David Freese hit a triple to tie Game 6 of the World Series for the St. Louis Cardinals. Then in the 11th inning, he hit a home run to win the game.  He was named the World Series MVP.

David Freese is living his dream and you can, too!