Jenga is a popular game in which players try to remove one block at a time from a tower of 54 identical wooden blocks, and then stack it on top without making the tower fall. The last player to successfully stack a block wins the game.

As the game progresses, blocks are removed and replaced until the foundation is so weak that the entire structure tumbles to the ground. Isn’t that the way some people live their lives?

They borrow money which requires a $50 monthly payment here and a $10 monthly payment there. Then they make only the minimum payment, racking up finance charges with a high interest rate until they are living month-to-month on a financial structure that is weaker than it was the month before.

At work, they want to do as little as they can and get paid as much as possible. They demand more without adding greater value to their employer, until the structure of their team is weaker than it was the day they were hired.

Their foundation of health erodes away with one more piece of cheesecake, and one less day at the gym as they become weaker and weaker. Soon, their health is gone.

How many people do you know who live in Jenga Land, just praying that the next block removed from the foundation of their life is not the one that causes everything to come crashing down?

Is it possible that this describes some part of your own life?

Now…what advice would YOU give to someone living in Jenga Land?

Include your advice in the comments section below. At the end of one week – on Wednesday, March 30th – we will randomly select one commenter to receive a copy of The Street Sweeper.

The winner could be you! Even better, your suggestion could be the one that helps somebody escape from Jenga Land…before it’s too late.