Four weeks ago, at about 9am on Friday, May 13th, I received a call from my mom letting me know that my dad wasn’t feeling well. She said that he had never felt that way before, and she was very concerned about him. I immediately went to be with them.

When I arrived, my dad was still in bed complaining about some tightness in his left shoulder. As we were trying to decide whether to take him to the doctor right away, or wait to see if the pain eased up, my fourteen year old daughter insisted that we call 911.

Calling 911 is serious action and should only be done in the case of a real emergency. Was this an emergency? After all, my dad wasn’t complaining about any acute pain. He was only feeling a little uneasy in his chest. Could this be a heart attack? Should we call 911?

We decided that, if he were actually having a heart attack, it would be wise to get immediate help, so my mom dialed 911 and an ambulance was sent to their house. It turned out to be a very wise decision.

That day, I was an ambulance chaser. With lights flashing and siren blaring, the ambulance weaved in and out of traffic. I turned my flashers on and stayed close behind. Upon arrival at the hospital I was informed that my dad was, in fact, having a heart attack.

My plans for the day immediately changed…and our lives had changed in an instant.

It’s been four weeks since that day, and as I write this blog, my dad is still in ICU. We expect a full recovery, but he isn’t totally out of the woods yet.

During this time I have made several observations and have journaled many life lessons, which I am calling “Lessons From the ICU.” Over the next several weeks, I will be sharing these lessons on life that I have learned through this exhausting and yet educational experience.

Your prayers for my dad are much appreciated.