Do you remember Monty Hall and the long running television show Let’s Make A Deal? If you do, you will probably also recall the contestants being asked to choose between Doors #1, Door #2, and Door #3.

Monty was always offering “deals.” The contestant had to choose whether to keep what they had or trade it for something else. The catch was that the contestant never knew what they would get in return for what was being traded away.

The item behind each door could be incredibly valuable…..or completely worthless.

Every day, we are trading our time for something. What are you getting in return for your time?

Time is the great equalizer. Each of us only has 24 hours in a day. The great unknown is just how many 24-hour days we have left on this earth.

Our time is tick, tick, ticking away. When I wrote my book Every Day is Game Day, Patrick Lencioni gave me a great suggestion for the sub-title, which is very appropriate to this point: Stop Practicing at Life, The Clock is Already Running.

Each moment, I am trading my precious time on this earth for something. What am I trading it for? Is it something valuable….or completely worthless?

If you aren’t getting what you want in return for your time, you need to make a better deal. Seek out the things that are really worthwhile. Remember, you only get to spend each moment once, and then it’s gone.

So what will it be? Door #1? Door #2? Or Door #3?

The clock is running…