When was the last time you wrote a letter to someone? Not an e-mail or a Facebook message, but a real letter on real paper, sealed in a real envelope and mailed with a real stamp?

Better yet, when was the last time you received a letter from someone? How did it make you feel? Imagine how you would feel today if you received a letter in the mail from someone who really cared.

Former NFL football coach Steve Mariucci once received a special letter from his dad. In his own words:

“My dad, Ray Mariucci, wrote this “open letter” to the local newspaper upon my graduation from high school. He was complimenting me for my accomplishments over the years. More importantly, he was giving me “a reputation to live up to” for the future. I decided then that I would never let him down. This was by far the best graduation present I could have ever asked for!”

Click here to read the letter (see bottom of page).

You can read about the impact this letter had on Steve Mariucci, but can you imagine the impact a letter from you could have on someone you know? That person may someday talk about the letter you wrote them the way Steve Mariucci talks about the letter he received from his dad.

It doesn’t take long to do something that could have a lasting impact on another person.

Write just one letter to someone you know.