My son shared this riddle with me:

Look at me when I’m upside down and you’ll be right side up…
Look at me when I’m right side up and you’ll be upside down…

What am I?

A spoon.

You see, when you look at a spoon right side up (as it lies on a table) you will see your reflection upside down. But when you turn the spoon over and look at it upside down, you see yourself right side up.

The mystery of this can be explained by physics. When it is right side up, a spoon is concave. Light naturally travels in a straight path, and is therefore flipped on the concave side of a spoon… so you see yourself upside down.

If you further consider the shape of your eyes, they are also concave… so every image must be flipped. Our amazing brains perform this service for us automatically. In the case of looking at the concave side of a spoon, there is a double flip of the image.

Our lives can often seem overwhelming and complicated, to the extent that everything seems to be crashing in around us. If that is the case for you right now, maybe you just need a change of perspective.

Sometimes, just by looking at the same thing a different way, everything can change within your mind. That which seems complicated, impossible, or upside down can appear quite different when your perspective is flipped.

The situation hasn’t changed, but your attitude and your response to the situation may be the complete opposite.

Try this science experiment for yourself. Look at your reflection on both sides of a spoon. Then, look at the difficult situations in your life and try to find a different perspective.

That simple flip could change everything!