iStock_000025299935SmallI stopped the other day to reward myself with an iced coffee. Most of the time these drinks are overpriced but it was "any size $1.00", which translates to me, LARGE!
As I pulled away from the window, I opened my straw, put it in my LARGE cup, and waited for that first wonderful sip of caffeinated deliciousness and….I barely got a taste.
I wondered as I drove away, what the problem could be. Then I realized that there was a hole in the straw! Somewhere there was a little, tiny hole that prevented me from drinking the glorious concoction of caffeine and cream that would most certainly bring a smile to my face. 
It reminded me of how we as leaders, sometimes have "holes" in our straws of leadership. We play the part of a good leader, wrapped up in a plain white straw paper. We certainly look like a perfectly good straw, able to perform our duty of getting the liquid from the cup to the mouth, but what if there's a hole?
What if even though we may have great skills, there is a little hole in our character? 
What if we really are good at our tasks but are sometimes late for our shift, or perhaps stretch the truth a little? 
What happens to our leadership then? Here’s what happens: some of it is siphoned out and eventually, unless we correct these holes, our leadership can’t be effective at all. 
So, decide today: 
Will your leadership be like a straw that has a hole in it?
Will you be a straw that has integrity and gets the job done, taking your leadership to the next level?
Written by Dee Hill