In talking to two very successful businessmen, I was anxious to hear about their journey to becoming millionaires.

I was perplexed by their lack of apparent personal growth.

They do not read any leadership books.

They do not go to any conferences.

They do not work out.

One actually plays video games everyday after work!

I was puzzled by how that got to where they are without personally developing themselves.

Perhaps all this “personal growth and development” was just a business scheme in itself and not really necessary?

There must be something I was missing.

As I dug a bit deeper, I realized a few things.

1. They are both extremely intelligent.
2. They are both extremely generous.
3. They both treat people extremely well.
4. They both had someone mentor them along the way.

Thus, personal growth isn’t just found in a book (although this may help some people develop).

Having a personal mentor is very powerful and was a huge part in their development.

I realized how important it is to have someone speaking into your life/business and on the flip side, how influential you can be in someone else’s life.

Who are you developing?