What do you want in life? In work? In relationships? In your finances? Your health?

You may have been told this before, but what you get out of life is mostly up to you.

Some people don’t try because they believe there are no guarantees. Although that may sound true, I can guarantee you that if you choose not to do anything to get what you want in life, you probably won’t get it. But when you actually do something about it, your odds go up.

The results are not entirely up to you. All you can do is take action, while the results may depend on many different factors. However, the choice to try (or not) is totally up to you!

What are you doing about what you want? Something? Nothing? What choice have you made?

There are more books and articles on success than most people could read in a lifetime. Many of the 7 habits, 10 steps, or 12 key ingredients work for a lot of people. If they didn’t, people would quit buying the books. But they’re useless if you don’t take action.

It can be tempting to get caught up in somebody else’s quick and easy path to success. In reality, success is rarely quick and hardly easy. You may not get there in a day, but you must take action today if you ever want to see results.

The main thing is that you do something. Don’t wait for fate to grant you your heart’s desire. Do something today that will improve your chances.

So, what do you want? And what will you do today to get it?