“Yes we can!” was a phrase heard frequently during the 2008 presidential campaign. Regardless of how you feel about the candidate who popularized it, the message was one of hope and the potential for positive change.

We all have said things like that before. However, let’s look a little deeper at what we are really saying.

“Yes I can!” implies that it is possible for me to do what I say I can do. It’s a statement of fact that I “can” do this or that. But a critical question remains: “Will I?”

The ability to do something requires potential. The doing of it requires will. I may be capable of accomplishing something, and yet I’ll never do it if I don’t have the will to follow through with the planning and effort needed to see it to fruition.

To say “I can” is not a commitment. To say “I will” is a commitment.

Can you accomplish more? Can you achieve something better than you have ever achieved before?

Will you?