During this busy holiday season I’ve heard some crazy stories of people who weren’t so patient, polite, or kind to others. I noticed this shift on the Friday after Thanksgiving, known to most people as “Black Friday” because it’s the day many businesses get “in the black” for the year’s profitability.

When I finally got out that day, I began to hear stories of fights in stores over gadgets, toys, towels… Now, I fully expected to hear about scuffles over TV’s, but towels? At one local store, someone actually got a few teeth knocked out in a battle over a bit of terrycloth.

Imagine that in the season of giving!

This makes me think about a question I posed recently on Facebook: “Why is it that, while driving, we want people behind us to be patient with us while we are not so patient with the people driving in front of us?”

In answer to that question, I remembered the words of Ian Percy, who said, “We judge others by their behavior. We judge ourselves by our intentions.”

How is your attitude during the hectic time of the year? Are you more, or less, patient?

For the rest of this week, as you are out amid the late December hustle and bustle, try a little patience. Smile more, be kinder, and slow down. You may be surprised at the responses you get.