Yesterday I was exhausted. I had virtually no sleep for the past few nights and had just travelled across two time zones to attend a conference. I was in no mood to socialize, meet strangers or even engage. I just wanted to drop.

Then I was introduced to my coach for the week. She met me with a huge smile, a firm handshake, and an extremely enthusiastic spirit.

But I was still tired and wanted to go to bed.

As a part of this particular conference, everyone is divided into small groups with a coach. Later that evening, I was was with my group in a small room and our coach began to teach us.

Again, she used a warm smile, direct eye contact, and an energetic tone. She was radiating positive energy.

I found myself waking up a bit. I even began to chuckle when she said something funny and finally started engaging with the strangers in my group. My attitude had shifted.

What had happened?

Our leader had changed the atmosphere with her contagious positive energy.

That’s what good leaders do.

They influence the tone of the team in a positive direction.

How about you? Are you contagious in a positive way? Do you lift the environment you’re in?

I’m sure our coach was tired after our session last night–she was working hard! But it made such a difference in my mindset and I can’t wait to get started today.

What are some ways you are contagious?