orgchartpeopleOne goal many employees have is to move up in the hierarchy of their organization. Often an employee will wonder what they need to do to get noticed and considered for promotion. The following list is advice to those who want to grow to a place of leadership.

1. Don’t make it about the perks of the position

If you want to lead and your motivation is predominantly about getting the title, the uniform and the pay, then you are misguided to what leadership is all about. Leadership is ultimately about what you can give to the organization and its people – not about what you can extract. Truett Cathy, Founder of Chick-fil-A, has always said; “If you give enough people what they want, sooner or later you’ll get what you want.” I think that approach has worked out pretty well for him. Would you like to be known as someone who is only after titles and perks or someone who is truly influential?

2. Be persistent AND patient

You need to be in motion, growing, learning and bringing your A game every day, but you also need to be patient with the process. Think of becoming a leader as ripening. It takes some time to ripen. People who cannot or will not wait for the process to unfold can turn off their supervisors. If an employee is not relatively patient often the boss will move on to considering someone else for the promotion.

3. Take personal responsibility for your own development

You’ll get noticed if you are always learning and growing yourself. Most people don’t take ownership of their own development; they wait for someone else to develop them. If you take the initiative to learn more by reading and studying on your own you will certainly leap frog others in the organization.

It’s not always clear how to move up but if you work on these three areas you are much more likely to get your shot.

Have a terrific day and go learn something!