Hope Is Not Enough (Add This)

Hope is a wonderful thing with immense power. It can open closed eyes and minds, awaken sleeping spirits, and stir long-forgotten dreams. It can even begin to bring the dead to life. But it’s not always enough. While extremely important, hope alone has little power to move you from point A to point B without another piece of the puzzle.


Progress has a funny way of fueling hope—and vice versa. If you start out with hope and make progress, that progress inspires more hope. Which produces more progress. Which inspires more hope—and I think you get the picture. It becomes an unstoppable cycle.

In other words, Hope + Progress = Traction.

Traction is defined as the action of moving something with a powerful grip, propelling it forward. It is the catalyst of movement and momentum; it’s what keeps us going.

When we see tangible progress fueling hope—even if that progress seems small or insignificant—we want more of it. One pound less on the scale. One more dollar saved. Small victories remind us that our goals are possible, that we can achieve them. That’s when we gain traction. That’s when we move forward.

Hope is a powerful ally and it’s something we all need. But without progress, hope is just a dream. When we act on that hope, when we begin to see it gain traction, it becomes something else entirely.

It becomes reality.

Where are you making progress in your life? What are some tangible ways you can fuel your hope to become a reality?