seriousMy Dad didn’t want to hear it. The doctor was telling him that he needed surgery, and that his condition was going to cost him his life it he didn’t act now. The doctor was blunt, even rude, according to my dad. So he chose a different doctor, one who was nice and who wasn’t screaming at him about impending doom. This new doctor gave him pills and told him that he was going to be fine. He made my dad feel better.  But he wasn’t helping him get better, and come to find out, the first doctor was right.

To reach our potential, and even sometimes survive, we have to be willing to confront the scary, blunt truth even if it doesn’t make us feel good. I have struggled with this, as have many of my team members. That’s because we are human and most humans shy away from the hard truth because it causes discomfort. However, if we are truly going to get better we need to listen and take action.

The good news is that it does get a little easier as we experience positive results from absorbing uncomfortable feedback or knowledge, and then taking appropriate action.

Why do you think this is so hard for most of us?