What would it take for you to walk away from a million dollars?

This is a story about a young athlete, fresh out of high school, with a huge decision laid at his feet. Should he sign a contract worth over a million dollars to play professional baseball? Or should he follow his dream to play college football and baseball for his home state’s flagship university?

In the beginning, Senquez Golson chose the college route. In fact, he showed great maturity by sharing with the media that he didn’t feel he was ready to play professional sports at this point in his life. He wanted to go to college to gain maturity and to grow into a better athlete.

In a world where athletes and universities have been accused of corruption and greed, here is a kid who seems to have his priorities in order. Senquez was accepted at Ole Miss, where he began taking summer classes and working out for football.

But just when everyone thought the million dollar question had been put to rest, representatives from the Boston Red Sox, who had drafted him just weeks before, came to Mississippi to meet with Senquez and his parents. They still believed Senquez was “their guy,” and they convinced him to fly to Boston before the deadline to consider a new offer.

The pressure on Senquez was tighter than ever. Not only was there an insane amount of money (reports of up to $1.4 million) spread out before him at the negotiation table, but he was on their home turf, in their home office.

What’s a kid to do?

At first, many thought it was a no-brainer…take the money and run! But Senquez was much more mature than many of us older folks. He listened to the offer, he considered the situation, and he still chose to follow his heart.

At 11:30 PM EST, minutes before the deadline, Senquez informed the Boston Red Sox that he was returning to college. Today, he will be back on the field practicing with his team.

Senquez Golson may forever be known as the guy who turned down over a million dollars to follow his heart. Although the impact on his team and his career has yet to be seen, I can only imagine the level of respect this freshman has garnered. I can only imagine how this will inspire his team.

What tough decisions do you need to make?

Develop a list of all the right reasons to choose the path you should take with that decision. Examine your options, weigh the arguments, and ask for advice.

Then, listen to your heart.

Commit to your decision with all of your heart, and follow through.

Senquez did, and it led him to walk away from a million dollars. Although the end of his story is yet to be written, I believe this young man has a bright future ahead of him.