The other day, one of my friends on Facebook posted the following status:

“If I could find a “Genie in a bottle” that granted me three wishes, what would I wish for? Hmmmmmm? I wish I could find that bottle! That does not count as one of the three.”

What would be your first wish?

The answer to that question is very telling… it reveals what matters most in your life. But the purpose of this post is not to focus on what wish you would make. Instead, I’d like to discuss the difference between wishing and hoping.

“Don’t look for the bottle…”

This was my initial response to my friend’s status update. I wanted him to see that searching for that elusive bottle would steal time away from taking action that could make his wishes become reality.

Someone else suggested that he use the first two wishes to get what he wanted, then use the final wish to wish for three more wishes.

My response:

“Right, if we could ever find that bottle. One time I started thinking about it and realized there is a difference between wishing and hoping. They both have something to do with what I want… to me, wishing can be wanting without real expectation, while hoping can be the result of something that I or someone else does that provides a reason for hope, or the expectation that I will get what I want.”

You see, I have never met anyone who has found that magic bottle. Although it would certainly be cool, I just don’t believe that it exists. Even so, there are many people walking around wishing something good would happen, yet not doing anything that would produce hope that their wishes would ever come to fruition.

What have you been wishing for? Have you done anything about it?

Don’t feel bad if you are in that big group of wishers. Rather, be glad that you have an opportunity to do something now.

There are three steps that will move you toward making your wishes a reality:

1) Clearly define what you want. Put it in writing.
2) Determine what you must do to get what you want, and schedule a time to get it done.
3) Take action.

Although it won’t be easy, and it will require a great deal of focus and hard work, these three steps hold the promise to give you real results.

Or, if you wish, you could spend the rest of your life searching for the genie in the bottle…

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