On the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001, many people lost their lives. Yet many other lives were saved because of the valiant efforts of heroes – men and women who woke up that morning with no idea they would do anything extraordinary that day.

Though they could not have predicted all that would be expected of them on that particular day, their heroism was no accident.

In the weeks, months and years leading up to that day, those first responders had been preparing and training to save lives. They had been living like champions, not knowing when their call to heroism would come.

When “Game Day” arrived, they were ready‚Ķand lives were saved because of their preparation.

We should all be preparing for something, and living like champions every day. Practice is good, but keep in mind that there are no “practice only” days on the calendar. We have to wake up each morning knowing that today could be the day we are called upon to do the extraordinary.

Everything you did or didn’t do yesterday affects where you are today, and everything you do or don’t do today will affect where you will be tomorrow. So learn from yesterday, plan for tomorrow, and live like a champion today.

Would you be prepared if you were called upon to be a hero today?

Photo courtesy of cliff1066