I have the pleasure of coaching someone who is pursuing a Free, Full, and Fearless life to an extent that very few people experience.

Kennan Burch, Founder of Dream Builders Network and Owner/Founder of Brand Catalyst Partners, has given me permission to share with you some principles he has discovered which have helped him to strive for this extraordinary way of living.

Kennan would be the first to say that he has not “arrived” at a Free, Full, and Fearless life. But I believe he is well into the journey that will take him there.

In the next few posts on Irrefutable Success, you will find valuable information that will help you understand and pursue this kind of life.

There are two phrases that I hear Kennan say almost every time we speak:

“I’m living the dream.”

“I can’t make this stuff up.”

How many people do you know who are completely Free? Whose lives are totally Full? Who are Fearless to the extent that they live life to its fullest?

Although a life like this may seem like an impossible dream to some people, there are a few who experience it every day. If this doesn’t describe you at this point in your life, it can.

Let’s set this up by briefly considering each element. Below are some questions for you to consider. Write these questions in your journal, and consider your response.


What does it mean to be truly free? How many people do you know who are bound by something? What binds you right now? Is there a habit you haven’t been able to give up, or something from your past that you just can’t shake? In what areas of life would you like to experience freedom?


What would living a full life look like to you? In what areas of your life today do you feel empty? What is missing most in each of those areas? Do you have a clearly written Life Plan? Are you living it daily and experiencing fullness in each area of your life? Where would you like to focus first?


Does the word “fearless” describe you? If not, in what areas do you experience the most fear? Do you know why you are fearful in that area of your life? Has that fear ever prevented you from doing something you know you can or should do? What would you like to accomplish if you could remove the fear from your life?

In the next three weeks, we will dig deeper into the specific attributes of Freedom, Fullness, and Fearlessness.