iStock_000020045794SmallI read a study years ago (source  unknown) that studied two, seven-year-old twins. Twin One was more timid and unsure about everything in life.  Twin Two embraced life and lived it to the fullest.

They decided to put each twin in a room that was opposite their personality to see how each would react.

Twin One was put in a room full of ice cream, candy and all the things a 7-year-old kid would love.

Twin Two was put in a room full of manure.

When they went to check on Twin One, he was sitting in the corner and hadn’t touched any of the yummy sweets.  They asked him why and he said that if he ate the ice cream or candy, he would probably get a stomachache and become sick.  And if he played with the toys, he might get hurt.

When they went to check on Twin Two, they heard laughter outside the room.  As they walked in, they saw him throwing manure up in the air and having so much fun!  They asked him how he could possibly be having so much fun with manure and he said, “With all this manure, there must be a pony somewhere!”

  • Some good things aren’t too good to be true.  Enjoy the ice cream days.
  • Life can sometimes smell like manure, but if we keep at it, a pony will be around the corner.