When Elvis left the building for the last time, he left behind a legacy in the music industry.

Last night, my daughter and I watched one of the most intriguing concerts I have ever seen on television. It was a concert of Elvis Presley, but Elvis wasn’t present on stage. This concert was held 25 years after his death. Elvis died in Memphis in 1977. This concert was held in Memphis in 2002, yet the venue was packed and the crowd was electrified with excitement.

Why would there be a packed venue of concert-goers 25 years after the death of the artist?

Although Elvis wasn’t there, the original TCB band (that’s “Taking Care of Business,” for you non-Elvis fans) was performing. Using cutting edge technology, the producers were able to put Elvis on the screen using footage from his performance at various concerts. They isolated his lead vocals, stripping away the background music, and replaced it with live music and vocals performed by the band and back-up singers.

The end result was an amazing presentation of an Elvis concert…without a live Elvis! I was blown away by the beauty of the presentation.

Then, as the camera was panning the live performance of the current TCB band and back-up singers, there was a clear shot of the stage where Elvis should be standing…but of course, he wasn’t there. It was awkward seeing the empty stage in front of the live performers.

It was at that point I realized we will all leave the stage one day.

Sure, there will be the band and the back-up singers of our life left on that stage, but we won’t be there. Each of us will leave an empty stage with only the memory of who we were and what we did playing in the minds of those who remember us.

My question for you is this: what image will you leave behind?

How will you be remembered when you have “left the building?”