While my dad was in the hospital, we celebrated his 75th Birthday, my daughter’s 15th birthday, and Father’s Day. We brought balloons, cupcakes and presents and did our best to celebrate. Although it wasn’t the same as if we had all been at home, we were intentional about making these days special.

After 46 days in the hospital, my dad was finally released this past Monday. During his time there, we came to a deeper realization that every day is special. Our intention as a family is to focus on every day as a gift.

It’s easy to let one day pass by. But days turn into weeks, weeks turn into months, and opportunity completely slips away.

Recently, I read a poem given to me by a special lady who attends a Sunday School class that I teach. It’s a poem written to her dad who had left her and her mom when she was very young. He let time slip away.

Here is an excerpt from that poem:

Although I’ve never felt your fatherly touch,
I missed you when I went on my first date,
And you weren’t there when I tipped in late.
You weren’t there when I test drove my first car
Or to say “Baby girl, don’t stray too far.”
When I turned 21 and moved out on my own
I longed to show you my first little home.
Let’s not forget my wedding day
My baby brother was not supposed to give me away.
So now I repeat, Why did you go?
Why did you opt to hurt me so?

You have probably never ducked out of responsibility in as extreme a way as this guy did. However, you may still be inadvertently missing out on a powerful opportunity with someone who needs you.

If every day truly is special in your life (and it should be), then today is a great day to reach out to someone. Although it’s hard sometimes to know exactly what to do, doing something is better than doing nothing. When it comes to our important relationships, nothing is the worst thing to do.

What opportunities are you missing?

Who do you need to call?

Who do you need to hang out with just a little bit longer?