Markets shift and people have their own agendas. The market does not consult you about your goals before it shifts. Other people are usually more concerned with their own agendas than your goals. Yet neither of these should control your goals or hold you back from achievement.

Many times reacting to shifts in the market and other people’s agendas are given precedence and can distract us from our current goals. Why? Because it’s easier to lower the bar for a goal because a shift in the market has made it harder to get business or because other people are doing things (or not doing things) that seem to make it more difficult to reach your goals.

It’s your “WHY” (the purpose of your goals) that should drive your goals – not the market or other people. If the market and other people don’t cause your “WHY” to change, then don’t let either one of them be the reason to lower your goals. Change your goals only when your “Why” changes.

This is not to say that the market and other people cannot impact the method by which you set out to achieve your goals. They can… and will. The market and other people can change your Game Plan but not your intended end results.

Your Game Plan includes disciplines, which you are committed to follow consistently with excellence on a regular basis, and the improvement projects you are focused on completing.

If the market shifts, or other people impact the way the game is played, adjust your Game Plan not your goals.

If there has been a recent market shift or if people have in some way made it harder for you to reach your goals, take some time to answer these four questions:

1)     Do I have a Game Plan?

2)     Am I following the Game Plan?

3)     Am I getting the results I want or do I need to change the Plan?

4)     If there is a need for change…. When will I make the change?