iStock_000019027906SmallJust like the age-old dilemma that contemplates whether the chicken or the egg came first; similarly, it is difficult to agree on who is more valuable to an organization – our customers or our employees.  Consider the following:

Without a customer we don’t have a business. Nothing happens until someone decides to buy something. Once that takes place we begin to build things, make products and employ people.

On the other hand, there’s not much we can do in business on our own. We need help. Employees make doing business possible.

Both groups are people. Both groups have needs and problems as well. And sometimes it can seem that we have to choose to prioritize one group over the other.

So we’re right back to our original deliberation, right? Well, I believe there is a solution.

What if we treat both our customers and our employees as if they are the most important?

If we can consistently behave with this mindset we will be uncommon to both groups almost all of the time. Our goal should be to treasure both customers and employees. No, they are not perfect, but neither am I and neither are you.

Life and business both work better when we can look for the best in people and try hard to treat them with honor, dignity and respect.

Why do you think treasuring both groups can be so challenging for leaders?

I look forward to your insight. Have a great weekend!