While driving home today, I noticed a field with corn much taller than I remember it being before. It was almost as if the corn stalks had shot up overnight. I drive by that corn field every day, sometimes two or three times. I just hadn’t noticed how tall the corn had grown until today.

Of course, my lack of attention to the corn didn’t hinder its growth at all. It just kept growing.

There is a natural process that causes corn to grow. It begins with planting and continues until harvest. It starts with a seed that absorbs nutrients and moisture from the ground. The sun does its part, and within a few weeks a corn stalk can grow up to 15 feet tall.

This happens because it is following the course of nature. There are physical laws at work to make the corn grow.

Corn is good. It is high in fiber, vitamins B1, B5, and C, and is rich in folate which helps the generation of new cells. Not to mention, it’s delicious with melted butter and a dash of salt. The physical laws that make corn grow work together for my benefit. However, those same laws can work against me.

I noticed something else on my drive home. There were weeds springing up all around the shrubs we had planted near our house.

My inattention to the weeds didn’t stunt their growth either. They just followed their natural course and grew. The same natural laws that were working to my benefit with corn were working against me with weeds.

Are you missing the growth of weeds in your life?

Bad habits can take root and germinate when you’re not paying attention. Neglected problems in your business can gradually drain your resources and energy.

What about the good, healthy things in life? Are you paying enough attention to them? You might be missing the opportunity to watch your kids grow. You could be overlooking opportunities to strengthen relationships.

Be vigilant, and over time you will grow more of the good things in life.

What needs more attention in your life or your business right now? What have you been neglecting?