“Almost everybody is chasing something; many are chasing the wind. What are you chasing?”

I posted that tweet a few days ago, and it also appeared on my Facebook Page. It created quite a stir. Responses ranged from “I’m chasing God,” to “I’m chasing my tail.” One person said “I’m chasing my bucket list,” while another said, “I’m chasing TIME.” What a spectrum!

As I said in my recent post “What? Why?,” the most important question is “why” you are chasing what you are chasing. That question should ignite some deep thought.

Consider this: rather than “chasing time,” you are choosing to invest a very limited resource (your time) in the pursuit of something.

In the book of Psalms (90:12), King David wrote: “Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.” With the realization that life really is short, it becomes critically important that you invest your limited time on earth wisely. So, what is it that we spend our time pursuing?

Over the years, almost everyone I coach starts out with the belief that they are chasing time. They say they are interested in improving their “time management” skills. At that point, we discuss the fact that there is no such thing as time management…you can’t manage time any better than you can manage the weather. You can, however, manage yourself around priorities.

In the same way, you can’t chase time. You may as well try to chase the wind. But you can chase priorities.

Now, have you really thought about what priorities you are chasing?

In response to my post, someone on Facebook asked me that very question. Even after making the post myself, I had to pause and think. I do have a solid Life Plan, but if I allow myself to drift, I could end up chasing the wind.

What am I chasing?

This is a great question to ask yourself every morning when you wake up. Consider how you will spend your time that day. What does it say about your priorities? Are you pursuing what you really believe is important, or are you just chasing the wind?

The reality is that we can’t even see the wind. We only see what the wind stirs up. We only see the effects of the wind.

The other day a thunderstorm passed through our town. I watched as the wind blew through the trees, roughly shaking and bending them. Suddenly, it stopped. The leaves on the trees were perfectly still; the wind was gone. Where did it come from? Where did it go? I certainly couldn’t see it.

Sometimes, we may be attracted to the powerful effects of the wind. We see the shiny new car, the fabulous tropical vacation, the people with legions of Twitter followers, and we think, “I want that.” But without a meaningful WHY behind our desires, we are pursuing something that has no substance.

Wind comes and goes, with no regard for our efforts. And when it’s gone, we’ll always be left feeling empty.

I need to chase something other than the wind.

What are you chasing today? Does this align with your priorities in life or business?