On Monday night, the Auburn Tigers defeated the Oregon Ducks to claim the national championship in college football. Both teams had gone undefeated during the season, and they played valiantly. The outcome wasn’t decided until the final seconds of the game.

However, there could be only one winner.

Monday night was Auburn’s night. If they were to play again tomorrow, there very well could be a different national champion.

And what about the Texas Christian University Horned Frogs? They were 13-0, celebrating a perfect season. Why shouldn’t they claim a share of the national championship?

If there were a round robin tournament to decide the national championship, on any given day, any of these three teams could win it all. And that includes the Oregon Ducks, pictured above (my choice in photos may have been influenced by my blog editor, a die-hard fan).

Now, the point of this post is not to promote a playoff system in college football (thought that would be great). Rather, I want to bring to your attention the fact that, although sports championships are only won by one team, in life everyone can be a champion.

In life, you are not in competition with anyone other than yourself, and there is not just one winner. Everyone can win!

Are you living like a champion?

If you don’t have a written Life Plan, you are probably just existing. If you do have a Life Plan, and you follow it daily, you are in the best position to live like a champion.

If you would like to create a Life Plan of your own, e-mail us at info@buildingchampions.com and it will be our pleasure to send you the tool.

If you already have a Life Plan, remember that it is a living document, a playbook for your life that is not meant to collect dust on a shelf. Review it every day, because… Every Day is Game Day!