Guest Post by Andrea Lehmkuhler

Recently, I made a late night trip to the grocery store to grab a few items.  While I was waiting to check out, I was able to observe the dynamics amongst the employees.  I noticed one manager that seemed to really engage with her team. It was a simple act but she was checking to see if one needed anything and she was offering encouragement to another.  

I’ve started playing this game more and more when I’m out – trying to spot the leader amongst everyone else.  Mostly I’m looking at how they manage their business when it’s busy or if there’s a difficult customer how they keep things positive – things that you expect from a good leader. However, this case was different because I was searching for the leader based on how they were treating their employees.

What I took away with me that night is that as a consumer, the need for great customer service and a positive work environment go hand in hand. To offer superior customer service is what we regularly expect from the places we frequent.  To offer superior customer service AND show great care to those who work hard; that is often uncommon and that will bring me back to a business time and time again. It is easy to forget that the customer is always watching and what they see and hear forms their perception of a brand.

If someone came into your business would they know you were in charge? 

Before you relax, know that that’s probably the easy part.

Would they leave thinking that your employees were cared for?

How would you want them to describe you when they left?