“I am stuck on Band Aid, cause Band Aid’s stuck on me.”

Do you remember this catchy jingle? It was written to advertise the Band Aid brand of adhesive bandages, and their marketing strategy has been very effective. How many people do you know who ask for a “Band Aid” when they need an adhesive bandage?

The only problem with this jingle is that it also seems to be the theme song of many people when it comes to productivity. Too many people are stuck on the “Band Aid method” of problem solving.

It reminds me of a story of a man who placed a Band Aid over the “Check Engine” light on the dashboard of his car. It hid the annoying light, and he didn’t have to worry about that engine again – until one night when his car stopped on a dark country road ten miles from the nearest house. The Band Aid masked the problem temporarily, but didn’t actually solve anything.

Are you a Quick Fix, Band Aid problem solver? Or do you take a more practical approach?

The Band Aid approach certainly is attractive because it’s so easy. A quick fix may be very easy to justify, but it is not always as expedient as it seems. You may save yourself a few hours or a few dollars now, but the longer term cost could be exponentially higher.

Always consider broader, more extensive solutions before settling on the Band Aid.

Sometimes, a Band Aid really is all that is needed. A quick and simple fix may be the best fix. You wouldn’t put a tourniquet on a paper cut. However, it’s always best to circle back around later to make sure the Band Aid approach is still working.

Whether you choose the easy fix or the tougher long-term solution, it’s important to follow through and follow up. Always assess the level of success, or failure, of your actions. Continue to learn from your successes and mistakes.

Don’t get stuck on Band Aid solutions!

How have you tried a Band Aid or Quick Fix in the past? What lessons did you learn?