Are you telling your customers that you do not want their business???

Twice in the last two days, this is what was conveyed to me.

I called to order a part for a machine that was broken. As I begin talking to the sales representative, she says, “Okay, I’m going to be talking fast in order to get all of your information because in three minutes we will be disconnected!” She was talking so fast, I got caught up in whirlwind of the call and did not have a chance to ask if this was really happening.

Sure enough at two minutes and forty seconds, the phone starts to beep and the representative says, “Okay, we are about to be disconnected. Someone will call you tomorrow to confirm your order. Bye.” Click. The phone went dead. 

I got off phone confused that this was really the way they chose to do business. In a business where my livelihood depends on sales, I could not believe this was their “system” to pump more calls through the pipeline. 

Then this morning, my husband and I ordered coffee in a drive thru. At the window, there was a taped sign that read: “No adding to your order at the window.”

Again I was baffled that they did not want customers to give them MORE money. I understand that it may slow up their drive thru, but to me speed does not trump sales.

When you make decisions, even simple ones, evaluate them from the customer’s perspective. 

In order to keep a pulse on your business:

1. Call anonymously and see how your staff answers the phone

2. Observe your operation from the outside as well as the inside

3. Take your leaders on a “walk” to show them what your expectations are for the business

4. Always keep a grateful heart towards the customer – they are our livelihood 

What are you unknowingly telling your customers?