Football playerWith football season here, I can’t help but recall the dramatic events of the Super Bowl XLVII.

  • A 30-minute blackout delay
  • One of the greatest attempted comebacks in history
  • Colin Kaepernick’s 10th career NFL start
  • Ray Lewis ends his career with a Super Bowl victory; 12 years after winning his first

Of all of the exciting events that took place that night, I found myself thinking about what I would do if I were the 49ers coach at halftime.  The score at the half was Ravens 21, San Francisco 6!

Evaluating the team, it was clear to see that Colin Kaepernick looked like a deer in headlights.  And rightly so… he was only performing on the biggest sporting stage there is, with only a handful of NFL starts under his belt.  It was evident that Kaepernick is where I would have focused my attention if I were the coach.

I would have encouraged every other player on the team to rally around him.  Colin needed to not only hear that the team believed in him, but he also needed to believe in himself.

I would have told every player go up to Kaepernick and say, “I want to hear you say it!”  And Kaepernick would need to respond, “I’m the best! I’m the best! I’m the best!”

There are moments when nothing is more pertinent than speaking words of affirmation. I believe greatness is in each one of us. We need to believe that. Sometimes we just need others to help bring out the best in us in a particular moment.

As each player got in his face, he would get louder and louder and begin to shout with more and more confidence and gusto.  By the time the 50th player had gotten to him, he would be more fired up than ever.  He would leave the locker room, jumping up and down; ready to go out there and do what he knew he was capable of.

I can only surmise that the 49ers coach, Jim Harbaugh, did in fact, notice that Colin needed a pep talk.  In the third quarter the 49ers rallied and scored 17 points.  We know that they didn’t quite pull off the amazing comeback, as the Ravens ended up winning with a final score of 34-31.

That being said, the difference makers in my book were the 49ers team. They stuck with “their guy” and gave him the self-confidence he needed to fight til the end.

Sometimes we just need someone to remind us that they believe in us.

Who around you needs a boost of self-confidence?