Everybody is selling something. If you are a leader, you’d better be selling your vision.

Whether you are leading a family, a small group, or a large organization, you should not only know where you want the group to go… you should be communicating it to the very people who can help you get there.

To communicate vision well, you have to know it well yourself. In a coaching session with a client today, I suggested that he should have a “dirty vision” for his team.

A “dirty vision” is one which has been printed, carried around, and read often. Although I absolutely love my iPad, reading my vision (or my Life Plan) on a screen just isn’t the same as holding it in my hand, making notes on the page, and getting smudges on it. Coffee stains are a good sign that you are reading your vision.

Just as leather can look even better as it becomes weathered over time, so can your vision.

If your vision is going to become a part of you, you have to read it often and get it dirty. If you don’t have it rooted deep in your heart, nobody will buy it because you won’t be selling it with passion.

The first people you need to sell your vision to are the ones who will help you achieve it. So how do you know if your team is really buying it?

You can tell that your team is buying your vision if you see them selling it themselves!

I sell the Building Champions vision all the time because I bought it from our founder Daniel Harkavy. I see him live it and sell it with passion, and that spills over to me. Not only am I buying what he is selling… I am selling it myself.

You are a leader. Who is buying your vision?

RESOURCE: See Daniel’s book Becoming A Coaching Leader for a great chapter on Vision.