Louise is a very successful business woman, who I have the privilege to work with as her coach.*

During a recent coaching session, we were discussing a magazine article in which she had been recognized as one of the top people in her industry nationwide. That is a huge accomplishment, especially considering where she was at just a few years ago.

The other day, Louise picked up a journal she had written in back in 2005.

In that journal, she had copied an excerpt from a book she had been reading titled Flashpoints. Here is the passage that had such an impact on her:

Suddenly status quo is no longer satisfaction. You must take action. You won’t be content until the flame of your spirit kindles a wildfire in your soul, transforming your life and the lives of others.

The flashpoint occurs when you are compelled to make a change – or make a difference – no matter what the cost.

This book, along with a site visit with a very successful person in her industry, was the beginning of her “Oh Wow!” story.

You see, Louise wasn’t happy with her current level of success at the time. In fact, there were some other events in her life that made her situation all the more challenging. Hurricane Rita had just destroyed her husband’s farm, and her income suddenly became “the” income for the family. She knew she needed to do something different.

Louise began to look at her work in a new way. Although the money was needed, it wasn’t about the money anymore. It was about something more…

On January 18, 2006 she wrote the following in her journal:

….It was ‘purpose’ – a sense of doing it for more than money….money would not drive me. BUT PURPOSE WOULD! And the realization that this is what I was created to do…….There is the “something more” crying out in all of us. The “something more” that whispers in the night – that “this” is NOT all there is. There is a place of peace when we get to it – we know it. A peace that comes only when you are accomplishing God’s will for your life.

Louise started thinking differently, acting differently, working differently… and reaping different results.

She had her “Oh Wow!” moment when she happened to pick up the 2005 journal and realized just how far she had come on the journey to success.

You too can experience an “Oh Wow!” moment some day in the future. If you discover your purpose as Louise did, then you may start thinking, acting and working differently today.

If that is what you want, then don’t delay. Schedule some focused time alone to consider what is most important to you about your work. Write down your thoughts, and delve deep until you arrive at your true purpose. Then, come back to that journal often to ensure you stay on track and in alignment.

Do you have an “Oh Wow!” moment to share that could encourage others?

Note: Louise’s story is more amazing than this short article can detail. If you want to know more about her amazing journey, e-mail me at tim@buildingchampions.com and let me know, in just a few sentences, about your current story. Please put BLOG ABOUT LOUISE in the subject line and I will be happy to reply and share with you more about how Louise turned things around.

*Louise’s story is shared here with her knowledge and permission