This journey we call “Life” can be rough. At times, the ride can get rather bumpy.

The good news is that we can all do something to help smooth out the ride if we follow 3 simple disciplines.

On a recent flight from Atlanta to Orange County, the ride got a little bumpy. Not too bad, but rough enough to realize that things could get uncomfortable quickly. I had a seat over the most stable part of the plane, the wing. I also had a great view of what was going on just outside my window.

The wing was flapping through the bumps!

At first I thought about how I had rather the wing not flap like that – it didn’t look very stable. Then I realized that the wing was doing exactly what it was designed to do. The movement of the wing was adjusting to the movement of the plane, smoothing out the bumps for those of us in the cabin with our seatbelts securely fastened… maybe a little tighter than usual.

When I realized that the movement of the wing in response to the bumps was a good thing, I thought about how that applied to life.

When life gets a little bumpy, as it does sometimes, we need to be flexible enough to make the adjustments necessary to help smooth things out. By following 3 simple disciplines, we can ride out the bumps in life.

Discipline 1: Fasten your seatbelt.

By reading your Life Plan at least weekly, you can remain focused on what is most important. Then you will know what you can let go of for a period of time when minor adjustments are necessary. In that regard, my Life Plan acts as my seatbelt. It keeps me anchored.

Discipline 2: Allow for some flapping of the wings.

From time to time, adjustments (or flapping of the wings) may be necessary. Although this does NOT mean that I will sacrifice a core conviction in my life, it does mean that I can make adjustments for a period of time to allow for the turbulence life throws at me. For example, while my dad was in the hospital last summer, I made some adjustments to my time block to allow for enough time with him.

Discipline 3: Hold on.

Sometimes we just need to ride out the bumps, knowing that “this too shall pass.” If we have done all we can to make a bumpy situation smoother, the only thing left to do is to hold on and have faith that smoother air is just ahead.

What do you do when life gets a little bumpy?