One of the greatest lessons in life can be learned by observing water.

If boiling water is taken away from the source of heat, it will return to room temperature. If an ice-cube is left out of the freezer, it will return to room temperature. There is a “set-point” (room temperature) that water will reach if there is no source to keep it hot or cold.

We all have set-points in our lives that will remain the same unless we have something to help us change.

If you are overweight, chances are that you didn’t gain that weight yesterday… but it has become your set-point. If you are in debt, you probably didn’t get in that debt overnight… but it has become your set-point. Perhaps you have become so busy working long hours that you find it hard to invest time with your family….and this has become your set-point.

In order to achieve a significant shift in your life, you need to change your set-point. And in order to change your set-point, you need to change your mind.

You see, the state of water is regulated by specific laws of nature. The state of your life, for the most part, is regulated by the thoughts you think and the actions you take.

Jennifer weighed 300 pounds. While at an amusement park with her family, Jennifer was seated on a ride and was about to shut the safety latches…but couldn’t because she was so big. The attendants had to ask her to exit the ride. Jennifer said the embarrassment she experienced in front of her family and other people at the park was the last straw.

Jennifer changed her mind that day… and somewhere deep inside, her set-point changed.

What do you want to change?

Why do you want to change?

Is it a big enough “Why” to get you to change… or are you still waiting for the last straw?

You can’t change the physical laws that affect water, but you can change the set-points that affect your life by following these 4 steps:

1) Write on an index card what you want to change in your life and why.
2) Below that, write what you will do to make the change, and how you will track your progress.
3) Share your goal, why you want to reach that goal, what you will do and how you will track your progress. Ask for accountability.
4) Take action and don’t give up!

What set-point will you change today?