You only have one body. It carries you from point A to B and allows you to make necessary adjustments along the way. How you take care of yourself speaks volumes about how productive you can be. When you’re in poor health or not feeling well, you are not as productive as you could/should be every day.

Annual Physicals are very important to your overall health and productivity.

As some of you may know, I recently had a physical during which the doctor found a nodule on my thyroid and suggested a biopsy. I didn’t want to hear or even think about the “C – word”. I also didn’t want to walk around with it in my body. So I had the biopsy, discovered I had thyroid cancer and found a surgeon.

I was fortunate enough to find a great surgeon and radiation oncologist and am now on the other side of this thing. My prognosis is good and the doctor told me I should plan to see my kids and grand-kids!

The cancer on my thyroid was small and had not spread. But what if I had not had the annual physical? I would be walking around with thyroid cancer today, not knowing I had a potential time bomb ticking in my throat! It could have grown and spread. And it could have impacted my productivity in a very negative way.

Sure, I have lost some productivity during the surgery and subsequent doctor visits, but that’s nothing compared to what might have happened if I had not had a physical. Highly Productive people know that annual physicals are important. They schedule them, attend them, then they do what the doctor says to get on with their productive life.

What about you? When did you have your most recent physical? Is it time to have one now? If so, get it scheduled and make it happen. It could not only save your level of productivity, it could save your life!