Monitor Megaphone

Social networks have power. They have power because their whole existence is built upon the human word. Words can start fights and wars but they also can start romances and induce healing. Words have power!

Social networks are the same. They have power to build up, or as we often see, the power to cause destruction. People often complain, rant or vent on social networks and I must say this is my least favorite part of this relatively new form of communication. Almost always a public rant is not good for us. It rarely solves anything and it makes us look like a hothead or complainer. I don't like being around hotheads or complainers and I'm sure you don't either. It is for this reason I think we are hurting ourselves when we post negativity about our jobs.

Let's face it, jobs can be a pain. After all, there is hard work involved and we encounter other people. That's an environment where things can sometimes, or even regularly, go wrong. Venting on social networks is not the answer though, in-fact it can make matters worse. Here are three reasons not to post negativity about your job:

  • It can hurt your candidacy for your next job.Social media is extremely public and employers increasingly review prospects by looking at Facebook pages and Tweets. What do your posts say about you? If you are posting negative comments regarding your job many employers will shy away from hiring you because they know you probably will do the same if you work for them.
  • It can hinder your opportunity on your current job.Do you believe if your boss reads a negative comment you post about work she will be inspired to give you a raise or a promotion? Most likely quite the opposite. She will begin to develop a negative mental picture of you and that will affect your opportunities.
  • It undermines the hard work of others.If you post something negative about a customer encounter, what if an actual customer reads your post? What then does that customer believe about the company? One post could undermine years of work in building customer relationships or a brand reputation. You and your team members work too hard to let words deconstruct progress.

People want to vent, I get that. I want to vent. Just not on Facebook. It's not very becoming and it will hurt me in the long run.

I hope your day is filled with reasons to celebrate your work!