Influence comes in many forms. It comes from books we read, experiences we have and certainly from relationships with others. I believe it can also come from a movie.
Here is a list of three of my favorite movies and why I believe they that have influence potential.


There was so much at stake. As a leader Lincoln knew that change needed to happen in a specific window of time. He also knew that he needed to convince those around him to be on board – which would not be easy. It was fascinating watching him influence the people around him, both the powerful politicians and the workers on staff.

The Secret life of Walter Mitty
I have a coffee mug that is inscribed with “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” That’s what this movie is all about. Sometimes it takes us breaking out of our routine to really experience a full life.

Money Ball
If you want different results you need to try something different. This baseball movie is not as much about baseball as it is about a leader determined to bring change to his organization. When we try to bring change to our environment we will face resistance and sometimes even downright rebellion. It’s how we respond to those that will determine how successful our efforts become.

These are just three on my list.  What are your favorite movies of influence?