What if I told you there are only 3 days which completely define your life?

You might assume one of the days is the date of your birth, and the other may be the date of your death. Neither would be correct. The 3 days I’m thinking of are not so obvious. They are often inconspicuous. Many people saunter through these days and detect nothing out of the ordinary. They slip by unnoticed.

Although these days appear unremarkable to many people, they have an impact on everything in your life. They encompass your every decision and co-mingle themselves into the very fabric of your life. They define your current life as well as your legacy.

However, since these days are regarded with such apathy, they tend to blur together to the extent that many people can’t tell one from the other.

The three days are yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Are you disappointed? Did you expect something more profound? The truth is that there are no days more profound in your life than yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Yesterday is gone. You can’t “un-live” any part of it. What is done is done. You can, however, learn from it. In fact, that’s the only thing you can do about yesterday.

Consider all the good and bad. Reconcile your role, the actions you took, the words you said, as well as your intentions. Journal about what you learned from yesterday, and commit to not making the same mistakes again. Be determined to repeat the good that you did. Get the most out of yesterday, but don’t beat yourself up over it or boast about it. Learn from it and act on that knowledge to make today better.

Today is the only day in which you can live and take action. You can’t add actions or activities to yesterday, and you can’t do anything about tomorrow until it becomes today.

Begin well. Know what you want to accomplish today, based on what you learned yesterday and how you want to begin tomorrow. Live like a champion today because, in the game of life, Every Day is Game Day!

Tomorrow is the day in which many people say they will act. It’s a day of promise…that is, until tomorrow becomes today. Tomorrow is a very important day because your goals and aspirations for tomorrow should be the driving force of your current actions today.

There are only two things you can do about tomorrow: 1) Plan for it, and 2) Live and act in such a way today so that you may have a better tomorrow.

Based on what you learned from yesterday and what you hope for tomorrow, what action will this prompt you to take today?