Recently I decided on a strategy to improve a particular area of my business. During the process I decided that great leadership was needed that would be devoted to this area. I even had someone in mind to lead this initiative.

I met with him, shared my vision and asked if he was interested. He indicated he was so I set out to build the plan and initiate the training.

About a week later one of my other leaders informed me that this leader who had said he was interested was having second thoughts. He was having second thoughts because he enjoyed other areas of the business that he was working and growing in. Uh-oh. I hit the pause button on my plan because I know that even the best plan without quality, dedicated leadership is virtually worthless. I decided to meet with this leader again and to see what his thoughts were.

We sat down and I asked him about his interest in the role I had discussed with him. He told me that he had given it a lot of thought and he would like to proceed. I cautioned him because I didn’t want to put him in a role in which he wasn’t 100% on board. This is what he told me next:

Sir, I am excited about this opportunity and I just want you to know I will do my absolute best in any role you give me in this business.”


He said this genuinely with direct eye contact and a smile. Honestly, it was how he said it that blew me away. It was genuine, it wasn’t someone just saying something to try and impress the boss. It made me think, “The sky is the limit with his young man.”

I remember hearing John Maxwell say, “Your attitude determines your altitude.” How true. An attitude like this will certainly pay off. In fact, here are three benefits that a genuine “can-do” attitude will achieve:

  1. More Opportunity
    When someone responds to their boss like this, and is genuine, how do you think their next review will go?

  2. Favor in Failure
    Everyone slips once in a while. When someone has an attitude like this he or she is likely to receive more grace when they make a mistake.

  3. Remarkable Reputation
    Truett Cathy’s favorite verse is, “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches.” People who consistently display a “you can count on me” attitude will build a worthy, honorable reputation. A reputation like this will do a lot of things for a person, including opening doors of opportunity.


If attitude determines altitude then I expect the young man I met with to be flying at thirty thousand feet.

How does it make you feel when someone you lead displays a “can-do” attitude?