A parable.

Farmer Goodpasture invested time during the winter repairing his equipment and planning for the upcoming growing season. By the time spring rolled around, he was ready. With properly working equipment and a well thought out plan, he prepared his field and planted seed.

As spring turned to summer, he followed his plan to water and wait. During that time, he noticed weeds beginning to grow in the field alongside his crop.  Although the sun was providing much needed light for his crop, it was hot and humid. As the temperature soared above 100 degrees there was a choice to be made: brave the heat and kill the weeds, or let them take over his field and choke out his crop.

He chose to protect the crop he had worked so hard to plant. He went out and killed the weeds. It was a tough summer. There were long periods of time between days of rain, but he made sure the crop had the water it needed to grow. Somehow weeds kept popping up! He didn’t let that get him down. He braved the dog days of summer and did not relent. For the rest of the growing season he continued to water, wait, and kill weeds.

However, as his crop grew taller and stronger, he grew weary and tired. He was physically and mentally exhausted. The energy he had earlier in the year gave way to strain and fatigue. There were days he didn’t go back to his field. Although the crop was ready to harvest, he didn’t make the final investment of time and energy to reap the harvest.  He was right at the finish line but didn’t make it across.

He surrendered to the call we all hear from time to time… the call to give up and give in.  Eventually his crop died on the vine and the weeds took over and won in the end.  Farmer Goodpasture’s field became a wasteland. All his hard work was futile because he failed to complete the task he set out to do.  You may be tired, you may be ready to give up, but don’t!

Take that extra step, give that extra effort.

Reap the harvest and finish well.