Questions are powerful. Today, I am simply going to ask you 11 questions.

Your response to these questions – in thought and action – can help you do things you may have once thought to be impossible.

1.  What do you really want?

2.  Why do you want it?

3.  When do you want it?

4.  Do you have a plan to get it?

5.  What will it cost you to get it?

6.  Are you willing to pay the price?

7.  What is the next step for you to take?

8.  When will you do it?

9.  How will you measure your progress?

10.  How will you know when you have “it”?

11.  What level of success are you willing to accept?

Some people gain a little then quit.  Don’t let that be you.  Consider these questions, take action, and you’ll be on the road to Irrefutable Success.