The process of planting seed can be exciting. During this time the vision is fresh, expectations are high, and energy levels are at their peak. However, planting seed is not the end of the process.

Highly Productive People know it’s just the beginning. They understand the power of watering and waiting.

A quick study of germination kinetics reveals a tri-phasic process in which water interacts with the seed through imbibition, metabolic preparation, and hydraulic growth of the embryo and the emerged seedling. We all know planted seeds need water and time to grow. It’s your responsibility to ensure the seeds you planted have water and that there will be times when you just have to wait.

This is where Highly Productive People do their best work. After you’ve planted the seed, the stage is set for you to help that seed to come to fruition (watering) and to keep holding on to the potential of the seed (waiting). It’s also one of the most dangerous times in the process. Some seeds sprout up quick and the process remains exciting and invigorating.  However, the process is often slow and laborious with long periods of time passing before any results can be seen.

Many “would be” Highly Productive People lose their way during this step of the process. Think about it this way: it’s easy to have ideas and throw out seed, but it takes discipline to water the area where the seed is planted and wait when all you see is dirt.

Discipline is the secret to growing successful seeds.

It’s during these slow, laborious periods of time that disciplines (watering) begin to fade and people give up because it takes too long.

Here’s what you can do to avoid giving up on your seeds:

  • Understand the watering process. Determine what you can and should do to make the seed grow.
  • Develop your plan. Make a list of what needs to be done.
  • Take action and don’t give up.


Do you struggle with the process of watering and waiting?

When has discipline helped your seeds grow into something bigger?